“In the field of History, transcending national boundaries is extremely important. But in order to develop comparative perspectives, and to have an impact on the broader development of the field, academic communication and publication in English is imperative. For non-native speakers like myself, high-standard academic language correction is therefore of the utmost importance. Academic Language Services not only provides a secure, swift and flexible service, but also offers the advantage of a very direct and personalized contact. Their vast experience in language correction and scholarly research, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities, allows ALS not only to correct the English idiom and grammar of my papers, books and articles, but also to improve them substantially, always looking for better and more accurate ways of formulating the argument, idea or nuance, so that it will be properly understood by a broad international research community. I would certainly recommend their services to all of my colleagues!”
Tim Soens, University of Antwerp

“I really appreciate Academic Language Service‘s willingness to take on work at short notice, to tackle a broad range of texts and themes (project proposals, articles, conference papers…whether on history or the organization of historical databases, and also to correct as well as translate). I particularly value the fact that ALS will point out inconsistencies in a text and resolve them through dialogue.”
Jeroen Deploige, University of Ghent

“It was a pleasure to work with Academic Language Services – an appropriate name, because you really do deliver a ‘service’: personal contact, quick responses and of course the professional level of the translation and/or copy editing work. In addition you also have a good eye for inconsistencies in the original text. In short, I would very much like to use you again and will also be recommending you wholeheartedly to others.”
Elisabeth de Bruijn, University of Antwerp

“Publishing an academic book is never easy and becomes exponentially difficult when contributions are produced by academics from different language areas. As a non-native English scholar, it was a blessing to have Imke de Gier by my side as co-editor of ‘Mulieres Religiosae. Shaping Female Spiritual Authority in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods’ (Brepols, 2014). Translating Dutch articles, editing contributions submitted in English by non-native contributors, standardising footnotes and copy-editing manuscripts in readiness for publication: it was all carried out with great efficiency and concern for quality. My research group and myself have been availing ourselves of Academic Language Service’s translation and editing expertise for a number of years and going forward we will continue to do so with confidence.”
Veerle Fraeters, Director, Ruusbroec Institute, University of Antwerp

"Academic Language Services have been editing and correcting my written work, from publications, lectures and abstracts to project proposals, for a number of years. Although these texts are often only available shortly before the deadline, ALS somehow always manages to return them in good time. Their corrections, observations and suggestions are to the point and precise and deal with the grammatical structure of the text and the terminology as much as its content and construction. On the basis of the multifaceted feedback ALS provide as well as their considerable flexibility in carrying out the work, authors can rest assured that their academic output will be given the proper final touch." Els De Paermentier University of Ghent